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Purchase Conditions

Object of the contract
These conditions are made to regular the access and the Acquisition of Products supplied by LUXENTER SHOPS, S.L. (hereinafter THE COMPANY) to the User a 
on its Website, constituting a legal framework that develops the contractual relationship.
Products and content , will be all available to the user at the following website owned by the company : (hereinafter the WEBSITE ) .
To any claim may be addressed to:
Luxenter Shops S.L.
C/ Paravicinos 16. 28039 (Madrid)
Phone: 91.411.06.91
Fax: 91.563.21.77
Acceptance and availability
These Conditions regulate the legal relationship derived from the contracting processes formalized by the Users through the Web page of the company.
Users expressly agree to fully and without reservation to these provisions, as published by the company at the time the User contracts the product and
 / or content in which you are interested accession. Therefore, the User agrees to read carefully the conditions of contract, when applicable to the hiring
of a product, given that they have been modified since the last time it agreed.
By accepting these General Conditions for the User declares:

- He/her is a person with capacity to contract.
- He/her has read and agree to these terms and conditions. 
-The User will always have access in any case , prior to the start of the procurement of products, contract conditions, can be stored and / or reproduced in
 a durable support
Modification of Contract Conditions
The company may amend these provisions, provided there is sufficient reason or cause for It. It is understood that cause or sufficient reason for modification,
 by way of example and not limitation, when the intends to:
- Extending the range or number of products available to Users or improving existing ones.
- Modify, substitute or update the prices of the products that a Through the website is.
Way to pay
Prices and rates applicable to the contracting by the User of the Services, shall be as shown in the WEB SITE ownership of the company at the time when the
 user accesses the specific service , and proceed a start the hiring process.
THE COMPANY reserves the right to change the prices of products posted on the website mentioned above , when so It think fit and making it visible on the 
Website .

Prices and taxes
The applicable prices are those contained in the website at the time the customer places his order. 
The price of the products displayed on the website includes the Value Added Tax ( VAT ) Reported by product.
Shipping way
Delivery area
The company will make the delivery by a courier within a period of 24-48 hours in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands from the acceptance of payment 
by the bank concerned. Orders that have as destination the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla will receive the order within a maximum period of 15 days, all
starting from the acceptance of payment by the Bank. The merchandise package will be delivered at the address indicated by the customer.
The company guarantees delivery on time and zones out above all the products we have in stock for all orders that are received in our offices before 17:00 
hours once payment is authorized. Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays shall be deemed received the first working day after the same .
Shipping costs
Shipping costs are free for standard shipping (24-48 hours).
Payment Methods
VISA / MASTERCARD through the payment gateway Sabadell Banc.
An automatic charge will be made on your card at the time to process the order. This operation will be  done through a secure server of the company, 
which guarantees the confidentiality of the data provided by the client using encryption, communication avoiding strangers to third legal relationship ,
pursuant to the provisions of Law 15/99 protection of Personal Data . The company may request additional client data to verify that the purchase has been
 made by the cardholder.
Conditions of Sale
The prices and texts published on the website are subject to change without notice, including technical specifications. Customer is obliged to check the 
merchandise is delivered. In case of default of the product changes the company will withdraw the product and change it for another one in perfect
condition or refund the amount. The company also will assume the cost of shipping the new product. The risk of loss or damage to the goods is
transferred to the customer from the time when the delivery occurs in the customer's home. THE COMPANY is not responsible in any way for damage
caused by misuse of the goods. The user will be guided through the process to be followed for the contract and for the identification and correction of
the data supplied for the contract through the forms created for that purpose. THE COMPANY does not file the electronic document in which each contract
is formalized. By contrast, the User accepts the General Conditions of Sale, which will remain accessible from the Web page.
The contract is formalized in Spanish, according to the present conditions. Bids shall be effective as specified in each case on the website. If stocks were 
exhausted before the end date of the offer, it may provide, by agreement with the user, a product of equivalent quality and price. Users may consult the
essential features of each product through its description on the website.
Warranty coverage and after-sales service
Luxenter offers a two year warranty on all its products, including the free replacement of components by manufacturing defects, as well as discoloration or 
loss in all components of pearls and rhinestones. The pieces that due to changes in collections or other circumstances can not be repaired will be replaced
with an item of similar value when acquired. The warranty does not cover normal use wear parts. No warranty is provided in the case of:
- The product is presented without the original warranty and / or an official receipt signed with the correct code for the product model.
- That Article has been modified or improperly repaired by a third workshop Luxenter.
- Misuse.
- Steel line (Africa)
In cases no covered by the warranty, we offer our after sales service so you can still enjoy your favorite gem. Please refer to the budget at the point of 
sale or our Customer Service.
Extended Warranty
- You can extend the warranty to five years after purchase. 
- The warranty is in the same condition it always had, but extended the previous two years to current 3 years.
- The guarantee is easily extended, but must register online through this website in a maximum period of 30 days from the date of purchase .
Personal data protection
Users access the portal and the purchase of the products offered via the website implies the processing of personal data. For the company, is of great 
importance to complying with the regulations on protection of personal data and services of the information society and electronic commerce.
Generally, people who use the WEBSITE do so without providing any personal data. However, to access the services, users in some cases must provide 
certain personal data. The company guarantees the confidentiality of personal information provided by users, as established in the regulations on the
Protection of Personal Data, Services and Information Society and Electronic Commerce.
The company complies with current legislation on data protection, has taken the administrative and technical resources to ensure the security of personal 
data we collect procedures.
In this sense, the user is informed and consents to the inclusion of their data to the automated files of the company, domiciled at C / nenufar# 5, Lower; 
 Madrid duly registered with the General Register of Protection of Personal Data, and to the processing of their data, following consultation, request or
contracting of any service or any transaction or operation carried out in order to access the information and services provided by the company through the website, and if necessary for the maintenance of the contractual relationship, and for sending offers or advertising and promotional communications.

You represent that all information provided by him are true and correct and undertakes to inform THE COMPANY changes that occur in them.
The User has the right to object to the processing of any data that are not essential to the contract and its use for any purpose other than maintaining 
the contractual relationship.
The privacy policy of the company ensures the user in any case the possibility of exercising their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition 
of your data by notifying ENTERPRISE sending an e-mail to the email address atcliente @ Luxenter. com. Also, in accordance with Law 34/2002 on
Information Society and Electronic Commerce, THE COMPANY will only send offers or advertising and promotional communications electronically to
your e-mail or through other means of electronic communication equivalent to those users who have given their express consent.
The company informs the user that may unsubscribe from such communications by following the instructions at the end of all our e-mails or by writing 
to the email address
Rights and obligations of the parties
Company obligations
THE COMPANY agrees to comply with the following contractual obligations arising from the business relationship with the user therefore the services 
contracted by the same:
- Provide maximum guarantees to Users for the service requested by him in accordance with the conditions of employment, without failing in good faith.
- Expressly inform the user of the existence of these conditions in advance at the beginning of the procurement procedure.
- Inform the user in advance to recruitment and a concrete, clear, precise and unequivocal, the specificities of the services requested, such as the 
price of them and the taxes that are applicable.
- Make available to the User the text of the general conditions.
User Obligations
For its part, the User agrees to:
- Conduct full compliance with the provisions of these terms of the services provided by the company.
- Complete the registration forms before the start of the procurement procedure with accurate and current information.
- Facilitate correct bank details form requested by the company
- Pay the price of the products purchased, without the presentation of a claim does not exempt from this obligation.
User rights
- All information provided to customers will be binding for the offeror under the terms established by law.
- Every user is entitled to the assets acquired are of the category and legal requirements contracted or that quality is directly proportional to the 
category of the establishment.
Terms of use
The User undertakes and guarantees to use the website in accordance with the provisions of the general conditions of contract, as provided in the 
applicable regulations as well as with regard to morals and good customs.
By accepting these provisions, the user agrees to use this website and the products made available therein, in the manner and form in itself is 
established. Being obliged not to use this web and products for illicit purposes and / or contrary to the purposes set out in this legal notice, which
could damage the rights and / or interests of others or in any way damage this website or fail to work or products it offers or offered in the future.
Likewise, the User shall refrain from obtaining the content provided on the web site by unlawful and dishonest means, robbery or plagiarism thereof, 
in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Code and the applicable regulations.
THE COMPANY reserves the right to refuse access to the website without prior notice, to any User who contravenes the provisions of these general 
conditions of contract.
For its part, the User agrees not to make unlawful use of the contents of the web, or that could harm the company for both the User shall not limitation, 
modify, copy, distribute, publishing, transferring and / or selling any information or appearance concerning to the website owned by the company.

Secure environment
The company, through the website, using tech means to ensure the protection of information. The company guarantees that the contracting of products 
is done in a secure environment.

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