Sustainable Life: Dream. Laugh. Love.

We are a Spanish jewelry design brand. We design and produce jewellery with the perfect image due to the proliferation of stones, pearls and zircons carefully hand-made with mathematical precision using top quality materials, on 925 Sterling Silver, which contribute to sustainable development through the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their business activity.


We work throughout our supply chain to ensure the well-being of our workers, our suppliers and manufacturers. We count on:

  • A building-dining room dedicated to relaxation and leisure.
  • Exclusive promotions for employees
  • Agreements with schools of craftsmen and jewelers, business and marketing.
  • PET DOG: Animals allowed in shops.
  • After-sales service that ensures the durability of the jewellery
  • Ethical code of conduct signed by employees and suppliers to ensure good practice
  • Recruitment policy, ethical channel and sensitive equality plan with the remuneration policy that promotes multiculturalism.
  • Health and safety policy.
  • Continued collaboration in solidarity projects within the Order of Malta and New Future: Carmen Lizarriturri is the Order of Malta's Godmother of Honour and Devotion.

Tangible sustainability and ecology

Our production model is based on the use of natural resources, reducing the environmental impact.


We work on programs that encourage recycling at all stages of our packaging's life cycle; using recycled raw materials, with waste management programs in stores and warehouses, and even with waste paper collection programs.


We work continuously with our suppliers to develop a more sustainable supply chain and to ensure that the working conditions of workers are respected throughout our production chain.


The images, videos and information that you access from are hosted on our servers and in external data centers that help us streamline and store the information.

In response to the growth of our website, we have expanded the structure of our servers with technologies that improve energy performance, thanks to the use of more efficient power supplies or better heat dissipation systems.


We are redesigning all our packaging to reduce raw material consumption, increase recycled content and unify materials for easy reuse and recycling.

In addition, with this program we want to extend the life of our boxes, bags, hangers and alarms by reusing them until it is time to recycle them,

The cardboard boxes are reused up to five times; they pass through our suppliers, distribution centres and central warehouses before reaching our stores.

These boxes are reused as long as they are in optimum condition for storing or transporting jewellery and shop material, and when they can no longer be reused, we recycle them. With this recycled cardboard, we produce part of the boxes that we use to send the packages for online orders.

In addition, we are changing the bags that we deliver to our customers in the store and now all our bags are made of 100% recycled paper, thus avoiding the consumption of virgin paper.


We are working with our store teams and the teams at our sites on reuse and recycling practices, reducing energy consumption and responsible use of water to ensure more sustainable management of our stores and sites.

Our aim is that all waste generated is reused or recycled. To this end, we seek to unify materials to facilitate the classification of waste and guarantee its recyclability.