A statement of intent (by women and for women)

  1. Guided by passion and dedication, we will always seek to improve and grow, with the aim of bringing our values to everyone.
  2. Our young spirit will make us trust our heart, making us always faithful to ourselves and our style.
  3. Here we celebrate women, our perfectly imperfect life, with honesty and simplicity.
  4. We make jewelry that can withstand life. Unique, contemporary and feminine: where there is a jewel for each one of us.
  5. Here we are trying to build a better tomorrow.

The rest of it? Let's write it down together.




Feminine jewelry for every woman

Luxenter pays homage to the beauty of women, which is passed on from generation to generation and remains intact in each of them. Our commitment is to make women's lives (more) beautiful.


The place to feel at home

This concept is closely linked to the essence of Luxenter, a Spanish family brand with more than 40 years of history whose ties are based on love and respect for women.


Design, tradition and style

The process of creating a piece of jewellery begins with a sketch, an outline, in which different materials such as silver and semi-precious stones are combined. Unique, contemporary and feminine: these are the jewels created in Luxenter and that resist the passage of life, where each collection represents the world of today's woman.


Fashion vibes

Luxenter finds inspiration in its travels, in the street, in the people... Each design is based on prèt-à-porter through the continuous incorporation of novelties that reflect the identity of the brand.


Women supporting women

Commitment to solidarity causes is a fundamental pillar at Luxenter. Focused on projects linked to women such as support for breast cancer through the solidarity jewel.

Jewelry with a soul

At Luxenter, jewelry is, like for the women who wear it, our form of expression. Only one of our jewels will have the next life:

  • It will be shaped until it obtains the intended silhouette.
  • The jewel is welded into its final shape.
  • The design is completed with an 18 carat gold bath or by polishing the beach Ley 925, our main material, guaranteeing the longevity of our jewels.
  • Assemble and add the last details: stones, zircons, pearls, ...
  • To travel and have experiences with each person who decides to buy it.

And between each of these steps, there will be a person in charge of the best quality: only in this way will we be able to create the perfect jewel.

In the design workshop

In Luxenter's workshop, a welcoming space reserved for creativity and imagination, the process of creating a jewel begins. For Luxenter, each phase, from the search for inspiration to the creation of the sketch or the modelling, requires the utmost care and attention to detail. Our jewels are handmade by craftsmen, so every piece is unique.

Luxenter's collections take inspiration from art, nature, cities, a scenario on which a set of jewels is created that will shape the lines that make up the Luxenter family.

Natural Stones

Our jewellery is handmade, by craftsmen. Each piece is unique, which is what gives them "that extra soul": Jewelry carefully crafted by hand with mathematical precision using top quality semi-precious stones, on 925 Sterling Silver. Without being a technical boast, our collections present options for each and every woman.


We work with our suppliers to locate the country of origin of all our natural stones. They are all certified by the GIA in Bangkok. We use quality materials and rescue traditional and locally produced techniques to create an honest and simple luxury

Luxenter's collections take inspiration from art, nature, cities, a scenario on which a set of jewels is created that will shape the lines that make up the Luxenter family.


Hand-selected, we obtain our natural gemstone from all over the world. The stones are hand-picked by our specialists, who look for the best in colour and pattern to ensure they look amazing when cut

The art of carving


Jewelry Care

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