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Luxenter launches its new collection MUINDA

The new collection of Luxenter comes full of luck and good vibrations. “Muinda” which means light in Tonga, take us to the center of Africa with one of the most colorful and full of positivity collections that the brand had designed until now. The hematite is a powerful gem that suits harmony and is also the guiding thread of the new collection. Delicate chains and shiny zircons define the most colorful lines while doublet stones enhance the gems on necklaces and earrings. Texture mix, smooth materials and balance in finishing with golden, rose and silver tones create a unique and strong collection. Scarlet red becomes the spotlight color in this collection which it also has some slate grey, navy blue and perfect black. “Muinda” presents a great variety of designs inspired by strong, brave and confident women with losing the cosmopolitan style.
Lara Álvarez’s eyes and look are full of joy and youth, which are directly reflected in the designs of her new Luxenter collection. Designs made of zircons “micropavé”, that manage to enhance the yellow gold, pink gold and silver as base element, are standing out in this line that takes her name. A collection where great star shaped rings, discrete moon shaped necklaces, and ‘ear cruff’ earrings reflect the passion and attractive that she is known for.
Silver collection continues being synonymous with trend, evolving to the rhythm that fashion and women does. Its modern and luminous spirit is focused on a product line full of color, made of jewels with a great personality, following the tradition of genuine shades of rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Pink, blue, green and purple tones perfectly combine each other capturing light of a product line marked by the excellence on its designs, the fluency of its materials, and its gems natural bright. The care put on the treatment of each piece is present both in the design of the jewel and its final result, thus pleasing a modern, familiar and successful woman, who seeks to bring a touch of color to her daily image.
  One of most delicate and special Luxenter product lines gets inspired by the inner beautifulness of a woman whose soul shines on her own. Black and white faces each other making tendency, combining the sparkling of its zircons, giving as a result quite bigger sophistication level in classic trend designs. As a new feature, some brochures which will give a distinguished touch to any garment have been included in this line of product. Besides, a selection of necklaces and radiant party earrings to show off on special occasions are incorporated too.
Fortune and positivity of Luxenter brand are reflected in this line of product full of youthful and funny designs that gives off so good vibes. The royalty of crowns, the powerful eye of Horus, and the force the word ‘Love’ has, get all newly united becoming one of the ideal complements for transmitting luck, giving love and spread the joy of living to others, through the line of product with more strength and energy of Luxenter brand. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are treated like amulets in the shape of a jewel with a finish in yellow gold, rose gold or silver. The small details of the brilliant zircons bring a light that is enlivened with small touches of black, fuchsia and turquoise green.
Africa, the most defying line of Luxenter, returns full of novelties but maintaining the wild spirit that characterizes it. The bracelets and maxi necklaces hold all the attention under the eyes of their already iconic XXL jewelry. Spectacular pieces of turquoise and mother of pearl full of magnetism, stand up for designs in gold, pink and silver. In addition, skin has been incorporated to this line as a new main material, which is present in diverse prints, such as eye of tiger and python in shades of brown and blue. A collection with so much power, designed for strong kind of women who doesn’t get afraid of wearing jewels that reflect her character.  

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