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Name: Ivan

Date: 3 de november de 2020

I love the new website

Name: Rebeca

Date: 23 de october de 2020

For now I have always been very happy with my purchases at Luxenter, both in quality, price and delivery.

Name: Mª Pilar

Date: 20 de october de 2020

I loved what I bought, it came so quickly.

Name: Fina

Date: 19 de october de 2020

Hello, the truth is that the delivery and return of the products is very good, although sometimes it takes longer than others, which is fast. The jewelry, very cute, lovely.

Name: gem

Date: 9 de october de 2020

One of the bracelets I bought was a little scratched. The rest of the order was all good and in good condition.


Date: 5 de october de 2020

Everything arrived in perfect condition, I love the wrapping boxes and what I asked for a beautiful. Very happy with the order. I'll keep buying. Greetings to all.

Name: Cindy

Date: 3 de october de 2020

Actually, it was a nice Mother's Day surprise my boys gave me. The necklace they chose arrived much earlier than we expected and the packaging was impeccable and beautiful. Very happy with the quality and service we received. I have bought a few more things in the store before. Very satisfied

Name: Ana Lourdes

Date: 13 de september de 2020

Very fast delivery and products in perfect condition. This is the way to enjoy buying the latest and best designed jewellery.

Name: Sandra abelleira

Date: 29 de august de 2020

I was delighted with the product I bought online and the attention I received. The delivery dates were met and the package arrived in perfect condition and with a perfect box and card to give

Name: Yolanda

Date: 23 de august de 2020

I'm delighted with my order. Very good presentation, the box I like the most is the one you can see the content without opening it. The pieces are of quality and it shows. Waiting for news and replacements to buy again.

Name: Laura F

Date: 15 de august de 2020

The order has arrived very quickly. I repeated buying the same earrings in another color, as I liked the way they looked. But I would ask you to put pictures of the earrings in the ears of the models, since I don't dare to buy others that I like very much because I don't know how they will look.

Name: Lola

Date: 5 de august de 2020

I would highlight the efficiency of the procedures and above all the speed with which the shipment arrived

Name: Mar F.

Date: 3 de august de 2020

Exceptional service, both the presentation of the purchase and the speed of delivery.


Date: 23 de july de 2020

I can only have good words for the online service. The packaging, the speed, the presentation...a personalized card written by hand by the person in charge thanking you for placing an order online. An excellent presentation each product in a small box preserving perfectly, a separate bag in case you want to introduce a service of 10.

Name: Ángeles S.

Date: 23 de july de 2020

The products arrived impeccably packaged and I was surprised by their speed. I ordered it the first weekend in May, taking advantage of an offer for Mother's Day, and on the 6th I had it in my hands! The sale agreed with me and everything, bracelet, two pendants and a ring, very nice, as it appeared on the web and ideal in design! Of course, I have won and I will buy more, for sure! Thank you, Luxenter!

Name: Maria F.

Date: 22 de july de 2020

Everything on the web is very good, because of the diversity and ease of finding the products. However, I miss that there are more model pictures. It would help a lot.


Date: 15 de july de 2020

The treatment has always been very friendly and the purchases good with very fast delivery.

Name: Miriam

Date: 22 de may de 2020

I buy many things from the brand but I have never asked for them to be delivered at home, and I am delighted! Very fast and efficient, and if you have any doubt they solve it on the spot. Everything is correct

Name: Cristina

Date: 20 de may de 2020

Very happy with the purchase. Everything is just like the photos, very well protected with their little boxes, and delivery time always on time. I buy with peace of mind knowing that the customer service works very well. It would only improve if they offered optional delivery and return points.

Name: Marta

Date: 4 de may de 2020

A few days ago I made an order with a cost over 99 euros and they sent it to me but without the jewelry box they offer in the promotion, I communicated it and the next day they sent it to me without any problem. Great customer service. I had never placed an order on this page and I am very happy with the experience, I will certainly repeat it.

Name: Raquel

Date: 26 de april de 2020

I liked it, it was sent very quickly and I liked the fact that the wrapping does not show what it is.

Name: Isabel

Date: 30 de march de 2020

I've asked several times and everything is perfect. When a product is not available, they try to get it and send it to you. Great customer service. Fast shipping. Very fine jewelry. I love it!

Name: Montaña Navas García

Date: 29 de march de 2020

Very good customer service. I had some questions about the ring and stone carving. They helped me a lot in deciding first by chatting and then by phone. Excellent speed and follow-up on delivery.

Name: Elea

Date: 27 de march de 2020

First time I buy (online) and it's been great. Super fast delivery, very cool package (it was a gift)! Satisfactory experience, I will repeat!

Name: Gemma

Date: 25 de march de 2020

Hello, I recommend this brand 100%. I love their products, the quality, the presentation is in a nice box. And the customer service is great. I was served by tf upon request. They sent me a thank you card, they sent me an email with a gift...very nice! In short, you can trust them that the product is great and they will take care that you are satisfied.

Name: rhm

Date: 17 de march de 2020

They have very nice collections, but in my opinion the web is quite lame, we would buy possibly much more online, if there was a much more detailed description of all items and in particular of the earrings, considering that we buy more and more through this medium I think it is something very to improve. The physical stores very correct and with the articles very well exposed and the perfect attention.

Name: Veronica

Date: 1 de march de 2020

The service seems to me very good, the quality of the products too, they come well packed. Everything is correct. What I would like to see improved is the web experience of a user who visits the website and makes a purchase via mobile phone. It is a bit complicated to navigate, and it is not like the desktop web.

Name: Laura Bejarano

Date: 23 de february de 2020

Good afternoon. The order came yesterday and everything arrived perfectly. I am very satisfied with all the purchase and with the fantastic service you have, as you have been very kind in helping me so much in everything and I thank you very much for the gift of the bracelet. Thank you very much for your attention and help.

Name: Naiara

Date: 21 de february de 2020

I share my opinion about an online ring purchase. The ring, for the delivery time, well, for the treatment received, great, the truth is that unbeatable, but for the ring itself, because I was a little disappointed ... in the image you can see the stone of a darker color, resembling more to black and then live because it does not correspond so much to the color, too much white reflection that in image is not so subtle visually. Thank you. Sincerely, Naiara

Name: Pilar

Date: 20 de february de 2020

I received the order very quickly and the customer service was excellent. I love the design of the jewelry.

Name: David

Date: 17 de february de 2020

Excellent service, simple purchasing process and delivery in a very short time and in perfect condition. Totally recommendable.

Name: Catalina

Date: 9 de february de 2020

My order came right in. Very happy with the product. Thank you

Name: Leticia

Date: 8 de february de 2020

Everything has arrived perfectly. The beautiful charms, I love them.

Name: Micaela

Date: 4 de february de 2020

I really liked my order for some earrings that they didn't have on the web and I was very happy with the management.

Name: Marta

Date: 28 de january de 2020

Very good, the very nice earrings.

Name: Pilar

Date: 31 de december de 2019

This is my first purchase in this shop and it has been online. The experience has been very good in general, as I have loved the article, the packaging, shipping and dealing with the telephone staff, everything has been exceptional. I'm sure I'll repeat.

Name: O.E.

Date: 18 de december de 2019

Precious designs, exquisite attention and very fast delivery But you could make the 50% discount online with a wider and more varied product, as in physical stores

Name: María de Lis Rabadán Mena

Date: 17 de december de 2019

It arrived very quickly and well packed, with its box and a paper bag, the solidarity pendant is very nice and also helps a good cause.

Name: Helena

Date: 8 de december de 2019

Very happy with the items in the order (Arbeth earrings, clover earrings and clover bracelet), with the discount she could apply and with the gift from the jeweler.

Name: Carmen

Date: 22 de november de 2019

I love LUXENTER. Their products are of great quality, with original designs, very flattering and feminine and sometimes enjoy good discounts. The packaging is very careful and therefore the presentation of the articles is perfect. In addition, the delivery times are very short and the treatment by phone, very attentive. For all these reasons, I often buy on the LUXENTER website and I suggest all women of good taste to do the same. They will be very satisfied, as I am.

Name: Laura

Date: 20 de november de 2019

Very good quality, as always in the shop. I wish there were more photos on the web and more detailed descriptions of the products such as sizes, lengths of chains or necklaces, etc. Delivery time a bit long, I would like it to be 3 days, not 5.

Name: carme v.

Date: 16 de november de 2019

very good service, quality and customer care

Name: Sandra

Date: 11 de november de 2019

Order in perfect condition and delivered in the estimated time. Highly recommended.

Name: Marina

Date: 8 de november de 2019

A lot of fat for good service. I deliver my order very quickly. Necklace and bracelet I bought fits perfectly. Good quality. Very presioco, I've been waiting for it.

Name: Mar

Date: 1 de november de 2019

It came fast and it's nice. I'd like you to indicate on the website the measurements of each piece of jewelry.


Date: 27 de october de 2019

I am a regular customer, although in the last shipment by mistake, they sent a ring model that was not, without problem and fast, they returned it to me. Very satisfied with the treatment received, as it is a polite and very nice staff. I will certainly repeat the purchase.

Name: Virginia

Date: 26 de october de 2019

Exceptional service and attention, as well as fast delivery. Wonderful jewels, I love them, and I also bought them as a gift and made them enemies. Very highly recommended, comfortable and good.

Name: Belen

Date: 21 de october de 2019

The products I have purchased from Luxenter are of very good quality and the designs are excellent and very original. I am very happy with the customer service and the reception of the purchases that I have made has been done within the time limit. I congratulate the firm for its quality, and its excellent customer service. A cordial greeting.

Name: Alberto S.

Date: 20 de october de 2019

The delivery time was good and the jewelry precious, but I did not like the packaging and did not come in a box according to the earrings. I was expecting a blue box and a ribbon.

Name: Ksenia

Date: 11 de october de 2019

I had a problem with the shipping and they solved everything in a few hours, fast and efficient customer service! and I give my grade 10 to my order! I have been buying from Luxenter for over 10 years and it will always be my favorite brand. jewelry quality does not change after years of use

Name: Josita Cava

Date: 7 de october de 2019

Very good deal..and the beautiful jewels..I am very happy and I like the brand very much..I do miss the pictures of some model with the know how they look like before know the real size of the jewels..

Name: Angelica Marin

Date: 2 de october de 2019

Excellent attention, delivery in time and form.

Name: Anabel

Date: 29 de september de 2019

Very happy with the orders, and surprised at how quickly they arrived. The only thing that could be improved is the size of the jewellery online at ......

Name: Paula In

Date: 28 de september de 2019

I love Luxenter's jewelry, the quality/price ratio is very good. I liked the treatment received very much. The detail of the card, handwritten that came with the order saying that I hope I liked it I loved it, I think that is being lost and I hope you continue to do so. It is a detail !!!!! Thank you for everything, I will continue to buy from you. Sincerely Greetings

Name: Carmen

Date: 19 de september de 2019

All the jewelry I have bought in recent years is this brand, not only for its design but as it remains over time ...... as new. Design, materials ... Highly recommended.

Name: Marta

Date: 13 de september de 2019

I've always loved Luxenter! the treatment and the speed in shipping, and the designs and quality in the jewelry. Everything is perfect.

Name: Gema

Date: 30 de august de 2019

I have several pieces of jewelry from Luxenter and they're all beautiful. The last ones I bought, the initials came perfectly packaged and they're so cute!

Name: Maria Navia

Date: 17 de august de 2019

I really like this brand's products and their value for money. I recently placed an order online, wanted to make a return and they made it very easy for me to do so. They were, quick and above all very kind and considerate to the customer. I think it is a very good company with a personalized and close treatment. For me an absolute priority in these times. Thank you very much to the whole team at Luxenter

Name: Ana María

Date: 14 de august de 2019

Perfect, he got here so fast. The great quality. Excellent shopping experience, recommended, I'll repeat.

Name: M.Angeles R.

Date: 10 de august de 2019

The telephone attention is unbeatable. More details on the products are missing: size, type of closure (in the case of the slopes), length of the chains, type of material,... And above all, more photographs of the pieces. And a model wearing them would be already great. The relation quality-price is acceptable and the shipment was super fast. But when I saw the two pairs of earrings, I was frankly disappointed by the closure of one and the size of the other. I called to return them and everything was easy. The treatment was exquisite both when making the purchase and when making the return.

Name: Ana

Date: 6 de august de 2019

The product arrived on time. The necklace is just as you see it in the picture. I am very satisfied with the purchase. Very recommendable.

Name: Gely

Date: 27 de july de 2019

It takes a while but because I asked for it at parties. It's very nice and elegant.

Name: Patricia E.

Date: 25 de july de 2019

I have bought online several times and they have always exceeded my expectations. The articles come in their corresponding boxes and with their respective guarantees. Very satisfied with the purchases!

Name: Maite

Date: 25 de july de 2019

Super fast, dependable, 100% reliable

Name: Sandra

Date: 15 de july de 2019

Everything is perfect

Name: Mariluz A.

Date: 10 de july de 2019

The best thing is the speed of delivery and packaging. The worst thing: I ordered a ring whose size they didn't have and nobody called me to tell me that they couldn't deliver the order.

Name: Cris

Date: 1 de july de 2019

My order has arrived correctly and very well packaged and in a few days.

Name: Patricia

Date: 29 de june de 2019

I am loyal to the brand because I love it and they have an exquisite online service. In the last order I had a problem when making the payment and the customer service was great, very close and efficient.

Name: Mª Victoria Muñiz

Date: 21 de june de 2019

I just formalized the purchase, thank you very much for everything. At this rate I'm going to become the new image of the firm :D Thank you very much and congratulations for this wonderful customer service.


Date: 13 de june de 2019

I received my purchase quickly and everything was very good. Excellent treatment and quality. Thank you!

Name: Ana

Date: 8 de june de 2019

The order arrived very quickly, very well packed and with a handwritten thank you note. A precious detail, from a customer service person. The jewels of this brand are wonderful and the customer service is also

Name: Paulina

Date: 1 de june de 2019

Very good for the luxenter product, but very bad for the delivery service. I had to send several emails to the parcel service in order to pick up my order.

Name: Irene

Date: 26 de may de 2019

The website is great. They have a lot of variety. And it's very comfortable. Both for gifts and for your own whims. All the orders have arrived quickly and perfectly. The customer service is great, always responsive and proactive. I repeat for sure.

Name: Angela B

Date: 23 de may de 2019

This is the first time I have ordered, I am very happy with the product received and the delivery has been very fast. Everything is great

Name: Ester M.

Date: 16 de may de 2019

I love the designs, there is everything in a wide variety of prices and for me all the collections are beautiful, with bright and different designs. Each piece is a real gem. The presentation in their cases is impeccable. The delivery service is on time. I will keep on buying. Thank you.

Name: Victoria

Date: 7 de may de 2019

Very good shopping service. Fast delivery and smooth processing. But I am very disappointed with the purchase, as I needed earrings in a certain colour and they don't look anything like photography. The stone is supposed to be made of pink coral. And it looks more like quartz with a very clear pink touch.

Name: Teresa Lopez Fernandez

Date: 20 de april de 2019

I'm very happy with the brand, the pieces are very well made. My hobby is earrings and they always present a perfect presentation. The asparagus are very well placed (not at the ends) which facilitates their perfect fit. The online customer service is managed in an excellent way. Currently I don't buy because as you know I am a collector and it is already very difficult to find special pieces. Nevertheless I check the website from time to time. Greetings, Teresa.

Name: Maria Teresa

Date: 12 de april de 2019

Just what I asked for.

Name: Jovanka Badia

Date: 1 de april de 2019

Good afternoon, Thanks for the interest, I'm happy with the purchase. The pendant is very nice and is what I expected in terms of quality. I like it very much, it's very fine. The delivery has gone well, correct, within the time limit you set, between 3-5 days. Thank you very much for your attention. J. Badia

Name: Yolanda

Date: 23 de march de 2019

I bought the Mommy's Cancer Solidarity Pendant. The shipping was fast, the product is fine and elegant. A good purchase and also for a good cause. Thank you very much.

Name: May

Date: 7 de march de 2019

Quite satisfied in my purchases and delivery of them, comes with its original box and even cardboard bag of the brand, in case it is for a gift, the repair service works very well, and they solve any problem, are very friendly, the attention is 10, for me.

Name: Carlos R.

Date: 4 de february de 2019

I made a purchase on the store's website and everything was perfect. It arrived very quickly and very well prepared. Besides, the pieces are very nice. Recommended 100 x 100.

Name: R

Date: 3 de february de 2019

They've met deadlines. Good quality. I'll repeat with this brand.

Name: Emilio

Date: 18 de january de 2019

Excellent deal from headquarters to solve a problem of lack of stock, fast solution.

Name: Mar

Date: 16 de january de 2019

My order has arrived correctly and very well packed, and in a few days, despite the situation. I got the discount offered without any problem. It's not the first time I've ordered, and everything is always perfect, and I love what I order. Thank you very much.

Name: Ana G.L

Date: 10 de january de 2019

Fulfilling the delivery commitment date. Packing and taking care of the product. Totally recommendable. Repeat purchase. Thank you.

Name: Gloria

Date: 8 de january de 2019

I ordered several items. They all arrived in perfect condition, with their perfect packaging and on time. Very good service

Name: Mª Pilar

Date: 20 de december de 2018

I love it, I'm super happy with the bracelet and the earrings.

Name: Yolanda

Date: 19 de december de 2018

The ring is beautiful, well all the products that I have bought from Luxenter I love, it has a lot of variety, and they come with their little gift box. Any questions are answered immediately by the chat and the shipping is very fast. I will continue shopping without hesitation

Name: Nuria

Date: 17 de december de 2018

Everything's great. Very fast and the products are super nice!

Name: Concha Ortiz

Date: 28 de november de 2018

My order arrived on time, very well packed and in perfect condition. Thank you for your kind treatment and attention.

Name: Belén J.

Date: 10 de november de 2018

The earrings I received are beautiful, they were a gift for a friend of mine and was impressed, she liked them very much. The delivery times were met, there were no problems or delay. The perfect packaging, the product arrived in perfect condition. I am very satisfied with the treatment I received. Thank you very much for your attention.

Name: Juani

Date: 28 de october de 2018

I don't give them any more stars because you can't! Excellent treatment, fast shipping, everything I have from the company beautiful and good quality ... I am delighted with Luxenter and its customer service !!!!!

Name: Cris

Date: 15 de october de 2018

Very good experience although as aspect improvable the packing of each product requested (better a small box to an envelope, these arrived somewhat deformed) and the bracelet arrived to me in gold although in the store on line it is indicated and visualized in the image in silver.

Name: Noe

Date: 11 de october de 2018

Thank you very much for the speed of delivery, although the choice of the pendant has been very wise, I think you would benefit from adding more images for each product, because I can vouch for the fact that aesthetics, good workmanship and material quality are remarkable and the care and detail with which you deliver it makes you stand out. Congratulations on a great job.

Name: Carmen

Date: 21 de september de 2018

I am a regular customer of Luxenter and my experience, both in the physical store and online is always excellent. On this occasion and for the first time the product received was something different from the original, as it was a product from past collections. They immediately proposed solutions to me. They are very efficient and friendly. Out of 10!

Name: Sonia

Date: 18 de september de 2018

I expected it to be a little bigger, in the pictures it looked bigger. But well it's very nice. The service has been good. The packing has brought me some things in cloth bags and others in boxes. I would have preferred everything the same as it is for a gift.

Name: María

Date: 12 de september de 2018

I am very happy with the orders I have placed. The quality is very good and the customer service excellent.

Name: Nuria

Date: 9 de september de 2018

Very correct treatment, respecting the delivery times and the product very well presented.


Date: 2 de september de 2018

Actually, I'm delighted. The wonderful, spectacular earrings. The wonderful service. No problem.

Name: Virginia V.

Date: 19 de august de 2018

I loved it. The product, the service and the packaging. I ordered three products and each one was packed in its own little box, perfectly. The product as you can see in the photo on the website. Super fast delivery time. I will buy again :)

Name: EVA B.

Date: 15 de august de 2018

I love the design and the value for money. I only miss the second picture on each product.. it would help a lot to know the size of the pieces. Greetings

Name: Raquel Alcázar

Date: 15 de august de 2018

Everything is perfect, as in every single order I have placed. Thank you

Name: Elena

Date: 3 de august de 2018

Very happy with my order, fast shipping, perfect quality, and although I didn't trust The Photo much, it was just as I imagined. Shopping experience ???? recommended. Thanks

Name: Carmela

Date: 25 de july de 2018

I placed the order on Dec 29th Saturday and I got it two days later... Great service

Name: Jose A

Date: 22 de july de 2018

That's the second time I've made a purchase. And I'm still just as happy. Including the return with my money back. This last order has arrived earlier than I expected in perfect condition.

Name: Clara

Date: 20 de july de 2018

The order arrived very quickly and I am quite satisfied with the ring I ordered, it is very nice and it is just what I was looking for.

Name: Ainhoa

Date: 19 de july de 2018

Beautiful earrings. Fast and correct service. I will buy again on the page.

Name: Raquel

Date: 27 de june de 2018

Very satisfied with the purchase, both with the product and the service The order was sent very quickly and arrived perfectly. I will certainly repeat; very good brand.

Name: María Navia

Date: 26 de june de 2018

I like your products and they are very good value for money. I had a bad choice through the internet and they made the change quickly and without problems. However, they should improve the return service for internet purchases in order to make it a more convenient procedure for the customer.

Name: Fey

Date: 13 de june de 2018

It was a good shopping experience! I will buy again! :)

Name: Sandra

Date: 13 de june de 2018

I was delighted with my order, I was surprised by the high quality of the product. I really liked the presentation and the package

Name: Sil G

Date: 3 de june de 2018

Excellent service. The jewelry is of very high quality, as are the designs. I love this brand. Too bad they don't have the smallest ring size anymore

Name: Helena

Date: 3 de june de 2018

Everything's perfect. Excellent customer service. The beautiful jewels.

Name: Jose

Date: 29 de may de 2018

Good service and attention. The gift section gets me out of many predicaments, well focused by profiles and with filters to adjust to the price and type of gift.

Name: Marina R.

Date: 26 de may de 2018

Everything perfect, quality packaging. I'm on time for Mother's Day. I'll repeat for sure.


Date: 25 de may de 2018

In one purchase, they were out of stock and had to order from one of their shops. This meant a delay in the shipment, I was notified in advance of the incident and the delay. The incident was resolved satisfactorily.

Name: RG

Date: 7 de may de 2018

Delighted with my orders and my jewelry. Everything beautiful and of very good quality. Very fast delivery and in perfect condition. I will buy again without any doubt in Luxenter.

Name: Sandra

Date: 2 de may de 2018

I met Luxenter in El Corte Inglês, at Lisbon, where I bought a bracelet and I became a fan of this brand! Now I made a request through your site and, once again, loved it! The bracelet is still prettier than in the photo! The package arrived Portugal very quickly and the packaging is great, I'm just sorry they did not send a bag to store the piece of jewelry. I also suggest to photograph models wearing the pieces so we can have a better perception of their actual size. I'm going to make a new purchase, now using the discount you gave me...thank you! :)

Name: Ana

Date: 21 de april de 2018

Very nice with luxenter, the very fast shipping, the perfect packaging, the spectacular jewels and also they gave me a monism necklace, I will buy again for sure.

Name: Sonia R

Date: 30 de march de 2018

The designs are very versatile and very feminine. I love them, and ordering online is easy and fast. They can be easily returned at no cost. I miss that all the products have a picture of the person on them to see how they look. It helps in the choice of the product.

Name: María Jesús

Date: 29 de march de 2018

I love the bracelet, much nicer than I thought and in the photo I already liked it and the gift box with the ribbon is very nice. The shipping is very fast.

Name: cristina

Date: 19 de march de 2018

The beautiful earrings, the necklaces too and the spectacular rings, the treatment has always been good, super fast and quality perfect price


Date: 18 de march de 2018

My order arrived very quickly, very well packed and with a thank you note from a customer service person. I love the jewelry of this brand, they are wonderful.

Name: Miriam

Date: 10 de march de 2018

Impeccable in everything!!! My order arrived in less than 3 days, perfectly wrapped and protected and with attractive packaging. The product looks great and is just like the pictures. I am delighted and I will certainly repeat!

Name: Gema

Date: 7 de march de 2018

This new order I liked a modern ring, versatile, I will continue to try your designs.

Name: Rebeca C.

Date: 28 de february de 2018

I would buy back from the Luxenter online store. The quality of necklace and earrings purchased very good; faithful to the photos and description. The chat service was effective, fast and very friendly. Recommended.

Name: Rafa

Date: 15 de february de 2018

Very efficient in shipping. Very happy with the product.

Name: Natàlia

Date: 29 de january de 2018

I like the brand a lot, although I was unlucky because due to a problem of updating the catalogue they sent me some earrings that I had not ordered.... but the shipment was very fast. The return was without problems and the refund too. The exquisite telephone treatment... I would like the products to be shown with a photo with a model ,to see how they look on and the real size of the jewelry. I'll repeat...

Name: Pilar

Date: 25 de january de 2018

I love the watch, much nicer than I thought. In the picture I already liked it and the gift box with the bow is very nice. The shipping is very fast.

Name: Reyes

Date: 24 de january de 2018

I'm thrilled with this jewelry firm I bought in a physical store and a week ago in an online store. Fast shipping The order in perfect condition and on top of that a great gift. It won't be my last order. Thank you.

Name: Rosa Maria

Date: 16 de january de 2018

The order has been very satisfactory in everything, the delivery as planned

Name: Eva

Date: 25 de november de 2017

I have bought several times because I love the value for money. They have a product with a beautiful design and high quality. The shipping is very fast and everything is in perfect condition. I will definitely repeat

Name: Raquel O.

Date: 25 de november de 2017

The designs are very beautiful and I love the products. Just a little disappointed, one of the bracelets I ordered came with an unmade knot and it falls apart.

Name: Sami Strife

Date: 22 de november de 2017

The earrings are beautiful and very elegant as well as the matching necklace. The order took 13 days to arrive, but it was the Christmas period.

Name: Gema

Date: 11 de november de 2017

The order arrived super fast, and in perfect condition, the precious items purchased! Nice to meet you!

Name: MAR

Date: 6 de november de 2017

Wonderful treatment and attention received, as well as the speed in sending the order, and the packaging so carefully! Thank you very much.

Name: Alicia

Date: 14 de october de 2017

an impeccable and very fast service. The original and very good products. Wonderful with the discovery of this brand. Recommended 100%.

Name: Eva

Date: 5 de october de 2017

The order arrived earlier than expected, the day after it was available in the store in Oviedo. The product is just as I expected.

Name: Sandra

Date: 3 de october de 2017

The order arrived even before the estimated day of delivery. The perfectly packaged product. The only bad thing is that my ring is big and I don't think there's a size less. Luxenter products are good, and they're beautiful. I've been a customer for a long time. It's a very good choice.

Name: Cruz

Date: 2 de october de 2017

I really like Luxenter's design and I actually buy a lot. The problem I see in the online store is being able to choose the earrings, since there is no reference to the size of them, they all look big and then you are disappointed. You should review the dimensions in some way, so you can avoid returns or changes. This last order took me almost a week to arrive and as for the packaging just to say that they could include in the box the little blue bag that they usually put in the shops. In my previous order they did.

Name: Anabel

Date: 21 de september de 2017

I just got my necklace... pleased! Just like in the picture! And the genius blue box! Well, it's not always the case to have it. The treatment by e-mail and by phone very professional. Thank you luxenter, I'll keep buying online.

Name: TOMAS@

Date: 20 de september de 2017

I have enjoyed receiving my pendant and earrings to match for my birthday, beautiful shipping, fast delivery and with a very nice wrapping and congratulations card :) I recommend the brand and its 100% online shipping :)

Name: Joaquina

Date: 18 de september de 2017

Good quality/price ratio. Elegant design. Fast delivery with good packaging. Problem with online shopping: the size of some products/pictures do not match reality. I bought a ring based on the photo, it looked like it had a thickness (there was no reference to size or thickness on the web) and when I received it I was disappointed. You should write down the dimensions somehow. They should add the little blue bag they give you in the physical store. Especially if it's a gift.

Name: Sonia

Date: 31 de august de 2017

I had been looking for a lost necklace for over half a year and thanks to the customer service person I was able to find it. I went into his web chat and described the necklace to him and incredibly he found it, just with my description. It turns out that now there was a newer model, but thanks to his management, I will be able to have the old model. The jewelry is nice, but the customer service is almost better!

Name: Marta

Date: 31 de august de 2017

The products arrived on time, everything was perfect, except that when I registered on the page it said that for being the first purchase I was given a discount of 10 euros by entering a code, and I was not able to know which code or how to benefit from this promotion. I would appreciate an answer. Thank you

Name: Nieves López

Date: 24 de august de 2017

I love this brand and its price/quality ratio. The online shopping has been a very good experience, very fast delivery, perfect condition of the items and exquisite attention and treatment. I want to acknowledge here the attention and help of the customer service manager, charming, has helped me a lot to locate an article in which I was very interested. It is a pleasure to deal with people like that, a 10 for him.

Name: Alexandra

Date: 23 de august de 2017

Normally happy with the purchase, but lately I have received some earrings with some quality faults, especially in the clip closures.

Name: Lkarekuna

Date: 21 de august de 2017

Everything's great! Very good presentation, very fast waiting time, great product! I will definitely repeat

Name: Ana

Date: 13 de august de 2017

Attention top!!! Super, super nice!! The biggest goal of the brand is to leave the customer satisfied.

Name: Virginia Roy

Date: 9 de august de 2017

The perfect shipment and the two great bracelets, like all your products. A pleasure for the quality and the attention, it's a pleasure the online shop because I know you since years and now it's more comfortable to buy. A greeting and thank you for the details as this for the customer, give you an added value.

Name: Ksenia F

Date: 24 de july de 2017

I have known the Luxenter brand since 2006, they gave me two large rings with a lot of stones in their little blue boxes... since then these jewels are with me and are impeccable and I use all my jewelry. A year ago I discovered that they opened a shop in my city, nostalgia took me there. Since then I'm a brand customer, the most resistance that has its product. the design is spectacular, everything! I bought several things in the store, which is nice to be with staff that have there. And what I did not have shop buy online. My first order arrived -impeccable, with its little boxes- :) with a handwritten letter, what a pleasure! In love with Luxenter, with the quality of your jewelry, with the way you treat people in stores and on the Internet. There's a reason why all these years, the little blue boxes have a better place in my jewelry closet! Thank you, my Luxenter, for making us feel special with each of your jewels

Name: Mayca

Date: 17 de july de 2017

The order arrived in perfect condition and in the estimated time, I am very happy with the brand because when I have gone to a store of the English court the salesperson has always been very friendly, and also with the ease of buying online.

Name: Ana S

Date: 1 de july de 2017

I have bought three times in the online store and everything is perfect. I always find a design for me or to give away, because the variety of collections offers models for all tastes. The packaging is simple and elegant and the delivery, in my case, is very fast

Name: Mar C.

Date: 28 de june de 2017

I have bought a pendant that helps with cancer aid, I am going through this now and I applaud these initiatives As always the quality of the jewelry is great and the customer service is very good and professional and even at the time I ordered there was a problem with the website. Thank you

Name: Susana García Leiva

Date: 21 de june de 2017

Yesterday my order arrived and I'm super happy. Beautiful, perfect and faster, impossible! My most sincere congratulations and very grateful with your products and treatment received. You are an example to follow! Thank you very much for everything, receive a cordial greeting from me to the whole team!

Name: Almudena

Date: 19 de june de 2017

My order arrived perfectly and I loved it. Thank you!

Name: Laila

Date: 18 de june de 2017

I had to make my reservation by phone and they were very helpful. They also treated me great in the chat room. Everything was perfect.

Name: Maria Lourdes

Date: 10 de june de 2017

I am very satisfied with the purchases made at Luxenter, it is everything as seen in the photos and very good quality.

Name: Anabel

Date: 7 de june de 2017

Everything's perfect!

Name: Isabel

Date: 4 de june de 2017

The order came in fast. Everything's perfect. I love the earrings.


Date: 3 de june de 2017

Everything perfect, exquisite attention and immediate delivery.

Name: Susana

Date: 31 de may de 2017

Very happy with my order it arrived quickly and in perfect condition, so I will certainly repeat with luxenter .

Name: Laura F

Date: 22 de may de 2017

Quality and price are very good, but the best thing is the after-sales service. Very attentive and resolute. Thanks for everything

Name: Gloria

Date: 17 de may de 2017

I have used the online service and it has been very satisfactory. I didn't have to wait long for the product to arrive and the packaging was very good.

Name: María

Date: 16 de may de 2017

Super fast order and just what I wanted, luxenter has some beautiful things!

Name: L.

Date: 14 de may de 2017

It came very well packed and the jewel is very nice. I am very happy with the service offered.

Name: M Concepción

Date: 21 de april de 2017

All right. The shipment arrived in less than 24 hours and in perfect condition. Great product. Excellent!!!!

Name: Ester M.

Date: 18 de april de 2017

I met Luxenter two years ago, through one of my sisters-in-law. She told me they were pieces of fine jewelry. For me they have such quality, that they are even better than other brands of jewelry. The designs are unique, I really like the ones from Hanibal Laguna. I already have a full jewelry box. I buy for myself and as a gift, because besides being precious jewels they come in great boxes. I encourage you to stay the same, don't raise your prices too much and know that I will make you known to my friends and family. And for me it is essential the online store, because the other option is El Corte Ingles and not always find what I want.

Name: Pilar Roca

Date: 4 de april de 2017

I love Luxenter. The designs are very varied, the presentation excellent and with a good quality/price ratio. The delivery is very fast and you can enjoy the product right away. The telephone attention is very friendly and if there has been any problem they solve it satisfactorily. I often buy on this website.

Name: Carmen

Date: 1 de april de 2017

The pendant is very nice, exactly as seen on the web, the delivery time is fast

Name: Luz Manrique

Date: 19 de march de 2017

I loved the ring. They met deadlines and gave me advance notice of the discount at that time. Thank you for your attention.

Name: Gema

Date: 14 de march de 2017

This order has loved both the charm letter, as the two necklaces, as it had a 25% prize I have taken good advantage, wishing more discounts or sales to continue buying!

Name: Josep M

Date: 21 de february de 2017

It's the first time I buy in this store, 100% satisfactory experience and the perfect products

Name: Cp

Date: 19 de february de 2017

Quick and easy Quality in the piece Highly recommended Great for them to collaborate on charitable causes

Name: Andrea

Date: 9 de february de 2017

Happy with my order.

Name: María Pilar

Date: 6 de february de 2017

Luxenter's products are varied and I like them, except for the ones that are rusted, due to my allergy. I always go to the Corte Inglés de Sagasta in Zaragoza. The attention, to days, but there is an employee who is called Cristina that is worthy of mention. She is very attentive and friendly. As for the delivery times, talking about buying on line I see them long, if they could be cut a little ..... In general I am happy with Luxenter.

Name: B.A.

Date: 5 de february de 2017

I had a bit of a mess with an online promotion, as they took a while to answer and when they did, the deadline had passed. But they respected the promotion and made it very easy for me. Although the article I wanted was sold out, I finally bought another one that I liked better. In short, I was very happy

Name: Lola R.

Date: 4 de february de 2017

I have ordered items twice and everything has arrived perfectly and very quickly, each item with its guarantee and its boxes and bags. The customer service is exceptional. Delighted with the purchases and with the attention and treatment received.

Name: Mamen

Date: 1 de february de 2017

I am a regular customer of Luxenter through my usual jewelry store. The style and quality are excellent. The online experience is also exceptional. All that remains is for me to congratulate you on your good work, and I will continue to be an unconditional customer of your brand. Best regards.

Name: Génesis V

Date: 10 de january de 2017

The delivery as indicated, from 2 to 3 days, super efficient! The merchandise in perfect condition as it appears on the page!

Name: Cristina

Date: 9 de january de 2017

Delivery in just a couple of days, products in perfect condition and with the same quality as always. Very fast and easy customer service. Perfect. Thanks!

Name: Montse

Date: 6 de january de 2017

I fell in love with the Circle bracelet from the Make a Wish collection which is sold out and this week they replaced it with a single unit. I ran out and bought it and in two days I had it at home. I liked it much more than I expected, it is very fine and elegant. Just what I was looking for, I love it! Also the detail of the handwritten card, without a doubt I will buy more jewelry on this page because everything has exceeded my expectations.

Name: Pablo

Date: 4 de january de 2017

Fantastic buy. And the best thing is the attention of the person in charge of Customer Service, who is worried and waiting for the order to arrive. A pleasure and we will deal with them again. Thank you

Name: Cova

Date: 1 de january de 2017

Both for me and as a gift, it's always a good idea. On some occasions I have had to contact customer service because of size and they couldn't be better. A 10 for the whole brand.