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Luxenter lands in Puerto Rico from the hand of the biggest shopping mall of the Caribbean

The spanish jewelry brand chooses Plaza Las Américas Shopping Mall to establidh its first point of sales in San Juan, the capital of the island.

The spanish jewelry brand Luxenters arrives to the Puerto Rico island from the hand of Dve Rodney and Zuleika Gómez, succesful business people of companies as relevant as Sears. The well known shopping center Plaza Las Américas is the perfect location to open the first franchise of the brand, becaise it’s the second biggest shopping mall of Latin America and the first of the Caribbean.

Founded in 1973 by Carmen Lizarriturri, Luxenter has experimented an exponential growth during the last decades, thanks to its proposal of accessible luxury for all the public. Its international presence is now being reinforced by introducing a new store in the other side of the Atlantic Sea, its first point of sales in North American territory, the newest addition to the list of the more of 1.000 points of sales that the brand has all over the world.

A fact that leaves patent the politics of constant growth that this familiar company based in Madrid carry out. The chosen place has not been casual, the Plaza Las Américas shopping mall is one of the best malls due to its huge offer and its enormous dimensions, with more of 30 million people visiting the center every year.

The site has traditionally been an essential bridge for leading firms in their expansion in the US and Latin America, so their opening means much more than a local commercial decision. Luxenter is the newest addition to the huge range of big companies that have presence at the mall, contributing its characteristic clean and cozy style in a spectacular site of 60sqm that will satisfy all the needs of the Puerto Rican.

Under its slogan “Jewels for you” is hidden much more, jewels in silver and metal, different gold baths, semiprecious and natural gemstones that créate different collections available in this new site, which designs are thoughtfully created thinking about different kinds of people.

Therefore, despite the spectacular influx of this shopping center and the variety of its visitors, the firm is thus assured, with its seven different lines that do not exclude the customizable line named “Mi Sol”, to satisfy the wishes of each customer according to his personality .

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