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New collection: Yambo


“Hello!”. There is no better way to introduce Luxenter’s new collection other than with a greeting.In suahili, “Yambo” is used as a way of greeting, so it comes naturally as the Yambo presentation. Once again, Luxenter turns its head towards its African origins and shows us all the colour and kindness of its society.

Optimism, joy and colour star in Yambo. Fun, young jewellery that plays with tectures, materials and natural stones, offering the know how and quality that has made Luxenter a referent in the jewellery world both in Spain and worldwide.

Yambo presents its novelties in every line, destined to a woman who knows what she wants, interested in trends without becoming a fashion victim, intelligent, travelled, with her own style and identity. Her interests go beyond fashion, she is updated to what happens in the world.

Luxenter’s new collection offers jewels suitable for every moment in a woman’s day: from work, time out with friends, up to big celebrations. Thanks to the versatile designs, colours, the quality of its materials, Luxenter’s jewels becomes the perfect accessory for every look.

Yambo presents also its novelties in the men’s line and a new line of watches both for men and women.


Spanish singer Edurne collaborates in the design of her new capsule collection for Luxenter. The focus that illuminates the stage are the main inspiration in the collection, but this time, Edurne wants to show us her most personal side.

Apple green, blue, rubi, lila amethyst, yellow, and black, symbolize the focus illuminating the jewels Edurne for Luxenter.

Edurne, the singer, is reflected in edgy jewels, with a glam side, where XXL rings, micro pave and intense colours are the stars. But in Yambo there is another Edurne, the person behind the artist that shows up once she leaves the stage, more casual, more shy, that appears in more discrete jewels, with designs and colours adapted for the day.


The care and precision in the design and creation process, that goes from the study of every gem to the final product, make the Silver jewel a unique piece.

The gardens around the world, from the minimal Asian ones, the elegant European gardens that illuminiates the big cities, to the exotic and wild African gardens, inspire jewels where the gems have soft colours that combine among them and with the silver to create jewels with great strength and personality.

The colours present in the Silver line contrast with the black pave that becomes the perfect antagonist for this selection of rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.


It is the perfect line for big events and celebrations when a woman wants to shine as much as the jewel she is wearing.

Delicate and sophisticated jewels where the silver and transparent circonias give light and elegance to the designs.

The main novelty in Yambo is the plain silver, that gives a more playful and young look, without forgetting the timeless elegance that has become the leit motif of this line.


Close your eyes, think about something beautiful and make a wish…Luxenter wants to be the perfect ally for illusion and good wishes. Every jewel, a history, a positivism injection, both for one self or to give someone beloved.

Good luck, bravery, optimism, rebirth… Wishes wrapped in precious and cared designs that combine trend and energy. A moon, a Fatima hand, a lock (that completes the key from the Yakuba collection), or a flower. Special jewels, with a  delicate design and a simple elegance, available in earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in silver, gorden or rose, with circonias or plain.


The most edgy and wild line presents a selection of XXL jewels in steel with a powerful design, finished in silver, gold and rosé.

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