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New collection: In'Shallah

Full of hope and enthusiasm, “Inshaallah” means “God willing”, that is the perfect name for our new Luxenter collection. The brand travels back (Throwback) to his African origins to show this connection with fascinating colors and amazing designs.

Optimism, joy and colorful characterize the different lines of the collection: Africa, Edurne for Luxenter, Time to shine, Make a wish and Silver. Happy and cheerful jewels, full of life, where shapes, different materials and natural stones are combined, making Luxenter stand out in the jewellery world at a national and international level.

Inshaallah presents a wide variety of models, inspired by cosmopolitan and interesting women, that goes further from trends and likes to feel special in every single detail, chasing their dreams and trying to achieve their goals, always with jewels for anytime and adapting themselves for every situation: from a business meeting, a coffee break with friends or a big celebration, even for a business meeting.


With a fresher and festive air, the line Silver launch a capsule collection with more than 30 different designs, giving tribute to their favorite jewel: earrings.
Delicate and brilliant colors like blue, green, yellow, and purple… are mixed to birth outstanding combinations, counting at this time with bigger and remarkable gems, to create jewels full of power and personality.

The care and accuracy in the design and creation of the jewels, make each jewel become a unique and special piece.

Edurne for Luxenter

LUXENTER and our Ambassadress Edurne, rejoined, for the fourth consecutive season, to give life to this new capsule collection where fortune and color works as axes to inspire special designs.
In this collection the main character is a small stone, denominated “nano turquoise”, a natural stone that provides a warm and modern touch to the different pieces.

Jewels full of color and classic lines, show the most personal essence of the singer: showing a daring and powerful image under the stage lights, and another delicate personal version and subtle in her daily life.

Time to shine

In this delicate collection, Luxenter meticulously designs its jewels for these women that really enjoy shining with the same intensity like the jewels worn in the most special times of their lives.

The contrast made with singular design between white and black, offers a modern touch, that is combined with the sophistication and elegance of the classic jewels.
In this line, as novelty, Luxenter has designed a line of unique jewels to accompany the bride. Within a wide variety of exclusive earrings, the principal will find the perfect piece for this special time.

Make a wish

Luck and great vibes comes from Luxenter with young designs in different articles like rings, bracelets, pendants or earrings full of power and meticulous details.
This collection joins together dreams involved in elegant and delicate jewels with gold finish, silver or rose, white zircons or small black, fuchsia or turquoise details.

The owl, the heart, the life tree or the wings are the perfect complements to share our magic, give love and transmit the hope of reaching our targets.


This season, Luxenter presents his wildest and intrepid collection through the power of the minimalist lines in the new collection.

The different types of chains become the center eye, the XXL jewels, with golden, silver or pink gold finish. Among the metal, bright stands out the geometric shapes full of color in the different pieces becoming powerful jewels with personality, perfect for a strong and wild woman.

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