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The first shopping centre inaugurated in Sevilla hosts the new point of sale of the Spanish jewellery brand.

Last Saturday, 28th of July, Luxenter opened its most recent store in Los Arcos Shopping Center (Seville) which was added to its commercial network.

Founded in 1973 by Carmen Lizarriturri and Jose Antonio Moreno, Luxenter has experienced an exponential growth in the last decades thanks to its proposal of affordable luxury for all the publics. Its national presence is now reinforced on the south of the peninsula because of the incorporation of this new monobrand store added to its more than 40 stores all over the world.

A further strategic opening within the company policy of constant growth that has been developed by this family company based in Madrid over the past years. 

Los Arcos Shopping Centre turns out to be an emblematic place in Sevilla. It was the year 1992 in Seville when this mall was inaugurated. Right in that miracle year in which the Expo brought crucial improvement in public services, communications and transportation. The offer of this building of huge proportions agglutinated for the first time shops, cinemas, restaurants and parking, making it a place of pilgrimage for Sevillians.


Under its slogan, "jewels for you" the brand hides much more: jewelry in silver and steel, different gold baths, semiprecious and natural stones that make up different collections, whose design is made thinking of a different type of person. And this is how it is displayed in this new store, where all the Luxenter product lines are displayed to be sold to ensure the satisfaction of the wishes of all its customers.

A bet of Luxenter for the solidity in its expansion, through the election of strategic enclaves that consolidate the presence of the brand in the main shopping and leisure centers in Spain

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