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Carmen Lizarriturri

Born in San Sebastián (Spain) in 1948. Daughter of a business man, she has 4 brothers. She lived very close to the lifestyle of Madrid, where her parents travelled very often. In one of those trips, she met the man who, later in time, would become the love of her life, co-founder of the family enterprise and father of her children: José Antonio Moreno a professional hunter who lived between Mozambique and Central Africa Republic during the 70s.

In 1972, year that marked the first time Carmen put her feet in African territory, they started a business consisting in importing materials. They stablished their home in a camp next to Bangasu, in Central African Republic, But Destiny had different plans for her and Jose Antonio.

Aged 27, Carmen received the news about Jose Antonio’s death. When Carmen received the news, she was in Madrid with their kids, aged 1 and 18 months respectively. It was then when Carmen decided to carry on with the couple’s dream. She began designing collections, mainly in elephant hair and gold, stepping into the jewelry world.

Some years later, her children, that breathed the family business since childhood, proposed the idea of a new turn for the company, changing the gold for silver, the diamonds for zirconias and the precious stones for semi-precious ones. This way, the main public was able to enjoy the Luxenter’s jewels, and the brand did not lose its high jewellery quality and its luxury spirit. As from today, Carmen is the president of the company. Luxenter creates over 1.000 jewels a year.

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