About us

Reference in jewellery

By and for women.

It was in the seventies that the Luxenter brand was born with the aim of becoming a reference brand in the world of jewellery. Created by and for women, its founder, Carmen Lizarriturri, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime in the Africa of the 1970s, becoming one of the first women to start a business importing raw materials, which would become a benchmark in the world of jewellery.


Our commitment

We celebrate women.

Our commitment to honoring women is at the heart of Luxenter. Unique, contemporary and feminine: these are the jewels created at Luxenter that stand the test of time, where each collection represents the world of today's woman, as we realize our dreams with freedom and femininity. Thus, our commitment is to make women's lives more beautiful.


The Creator

It was in 1972 that the brand

"Luxenter's story is the story of my life, and it reflects all the enthusiasm I put into the Project to create a brand capable of making high jewelry accessible to all kinds of public.

Luxenter concentrates the spirit of improvement that I have always had, both in my personal life and in making Luxenter a solid company with a great international projection.

The beginning was challenging: with two babies and without my husband (José Antonio Moreno), I did everything I could to fulfill my promise: to make women's lives more beautiful and, at the same time, designs that would resist life.

The happiest moment for me was when my sons, Ivan and Mencia, decided to join Luxenter, combining every step in the creation of high jewelry: design, development, logistics, international distribution and after-sales service, which have made us grow and strengthen the brand in the market space.

It has been a time of many travels, fairs and collections, but I can proudly say that it has been worthwhile..."



From generation to generation.

Luxenter's designs have evolved over the years, looking at trends to finally create jewelry that stops the passage of time.

Luxenter is today a great global company that seeks to build for tomorrow, with a presence in more than thirty countries through a network of sixty exclusive stores and 1,200 points of sale among multi-brand jewelry stores, travel retail and department stores.



We all add up.

At Luxenter we take care of everything from design and production to marketing and distribution of the jewellery. Each phase of the process is supervised by a great team of people whose main objective is to create the best shopping experience: we want all women to feel special by wearing our designs.